Sunday, July 18, 2010

Every little bit counts

I've been meaning to write this post for some time now and literally haven't had a moment. Before the wedding approaches I want to make sure I'm spreading the word. Being "green" for your wedding, it can be done. This is our part:
1)We are using less paper. We cut out the programs, response cards, favor signs and place cards. Programs get thrown out, no one keeps them and not everyone takes one. Instead of response cards we are having all of our guests RSVP on our website. For favor signs I have decided to place one sign in a frame at the welcome table informing guests of what the wedding favors are (more on this in another blog post soon). The place cards were pretty easy for us to not use, the style of our wedding is less formal without a long sit down dinner.
2) Our invitations were printed on recycled paper with soy ink.
3) Using less lighting in the reception. Our lights will be dimmed for the reception. In our centerpieces we will be using LED lights and votive candles to conserve on electricity.
4) Our Well Wishes (guest book replacement) are being written on 100% recycled paper.
5) Not using a limo. My initial thought was to use Pedi Cabs, however that would not work logistically. Instead we are using a trolley service. So we are still using gas yes, but not air conditioning.
6) Having an outdoor ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies use no electricity (no air conditioning and no lights).

I know this does not seem like a lot, however throughout the planning process we have been conscious of ways to help the environment and be "green". Every little bit helps.

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