Sunday, July 18, 2010

Every little bit counts

I've been meaning to write this post for some time now and literally haven't had a moment. Before the wedding approaches I want to make sure I'm spreading the word. Being "green" for your wedding, it can be done. This is our part:
1)We are using less paper. We cut out the programs, response cards, favor signs and place cards. Programs get thrown out, no one keeps them and not everyone takes one. Instead of response cards we are having all of our guests RSVP on our website. For favor signs I have decided to place one sign in a frame at the welcome table informing guests of what the wedding favors are (more on this in another blog post soon). The place cards were pretty easy for us to not use, the style of our wedding is less formal without a long sit down dinner.
2) Our invitations were printed on recycled paper with soy ink.
3) Using less lighting in the reception. Our lights will be dimmed for the reception. In our centerpieces we will be using LED lights and votive candles to conserve on electricity.
4) Our Well Wishes (guest book replacement) are being written on 100% recycled paper.
5) Not using a limo. My initial thought was to use Pedi Cabs, however that would not work logistically. Instead we are using a trolley service. So we are still using gas yes, but not air conditioning.
6) Having an outdoor ceremony. Outdoor ceremonies use no electricity (no air conditioning and no lights).

I know this does not seem like a lot, however throughout the planning process we have been conscious of ways to help the environment and be "green". Every little bit helps.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

What to expect at a cocktail wedding reception

Our wedding reception is a cocktail style reception. We are having passed hors dourves and two stations and throughout the evening food will be either hand passed or displayed at a station. The purpose of the cocktail reception is to create a social atmosphere rather than a traditional wedding reception. We encourage our guests to mingle and socialize with one another instead of staying at their seats. Seating at the reception will be open; we are not assigning any seating for the wedding. Tables for our family and bridal party will be reserved. In order to create more space, a smaller amount of tables and seating will present and are not necessary since there will be no set time to eat dinner. This is a change from a traditional wedding that some are accustomed to. Please understand that we are looking to create a fun party atmosphere for all of our guests to have a blast while celebrating the start of our new life together.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

If you're going to do it, do it classy

The garter, my least favorite thing about the wedding. We are not doing the garter or throwing the bouquet. It's just not our style. There is something about my husband reaching up my dress in front of our entire family that I don't love. Also, never mind the poor girl who has a stranger do the same thing to her. However, I had to share this site I recently found with you. These are garters yes, but classy, cute and eco-friendly garters, which I absolutely love! So check out The Garter Girl . I must say after finding them, I am thinking about wearing one. If you wear a garter there is nothing that says you have to throw it. It's just another great accessory.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

It's all about some fab shoes

Wow! My apologies for waiting forever to post a blog about the wedding plans and sharing fun ideas. I have fabulous wedding ideas and details to share with everyone. Where to begin? Well, we're in crunch time with 3 1/2 month left! Since I have been so far ahead of the game we are now finalizing details. The fun part! Right now, I am on a mission for fabulous red shoes. Which is it best to dye or not to dye? It has become such a fun detail shot for photographers, as well as a super cute detail for a bride. My maids are also wearing red shoes with their amazing dress, so I thought why not me too? Here are some fabulous red shoes that I've found. I have even found a great pair of comfy reception shoes! Still fashionable and comfy. Could it get any better?

Since we are trying to create a fun wedding with red details, my fiance and I thought "why not have the guys wear red shoes too". Perfect now both sides of the bridal party will be wearing red shoes! I can not wait to see these pictures!

Another fun idea I have with my bridal shoes is having all my ladies sign the bottom of my shoes. It will be a nice personal touch and memory to have. Also, great detail shot for my photographer. When planning your wedding and trying to create your style within everything you do, think outside of the box. It has never hurt anyone before.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

The Perfect Planning Method

I work for Kate Parker Weddings. During the wedding season I'm a seasonal planner and during the off season I recently joined as an account executive for my Kate Parker Wedding. What is my Kate Parker Wedding? It is an online planning guide for couples in their planning process. If you're engaged you MUST sign up. This site has everything you need. It helps guide you through finding all your vendors, creating and sharing your blog, articles on real weddings, vendors blogs, photos, video and audio clips and much more. Once you have signed up for the site, you are asked to enter information regarding your budget and location.The only vendors who appear on your home page are ones that you can afford! Taking the time to search and meet with vendors, fall in love with them and their work only to find out that they can't be afforded in your budget can be very frustrating. MyKPW is designed to solve that problem from the start. Also, if you want to splurge or cut back in certain categories, you have the flexibility to do so. This site is the first created and designed by a wedding planner so that nothing has been missed. Trust me. Check it out! I'm not just saying this because I'm an employee, I am because I am a bride myself.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Our amazing photographer

Please check out our photographers Elizabeth Wertz blog. She's great and I am so happy that we've found her. She's the best! Always remember the number one rule to the photographer is you MUST love he/she. They spend the most time with you. Her photojournalist approach is amazing and exactly what I was looking for. I love the excitement she has for the day. I know she's going to absolutely amaze me with the final product. My Fiance and I had the opportunity to spend a nice summer afternoon drinking lemonade and eating coffee cake with her at her home. Which I thought was completely amazing to offer us to meet there. We also had the opportunity to meet her two little ladies, which are so incredibility adorable. I knew instantly that Elizabeth and I would mesh perfectly. So in this case I got really lucky. I love my photographers work as well as her personality and passion. What more could I ask for?

Everyone wants to know...

Yes, I have a wedding planner. Of course I do, even though I'm a wedding planner and know everything that needs to be done. I still believe that its necessary to have a wedding planner for day of planning. I am watching my budget like a hawk, but I was still able to fit day of planning in and so can you.
I know that some people use their maid/matron of honor to be the contact person for their vendors on the day of, but why? They are there to be with you and celebrate your day with you. Not to be there to talk to your vendors if they have any last minute questions. The very last thing I would want to happen is to watch my matron of honor deal with some emergency or issue while she's supposed to be taking her photos with me and the rest of my bridesmaids. Also, I have a planner to ensure all of the decor and little details are perfect for what I'm looking to create. If I was not a wedding planner, I would not understand the absolute importance of having one, but since I am, I can only pass on to my readers the importance of getting one.